Beeman Blue Ribbon 66R/66RL 2-7X32 Heavy 1/8 10 yds Great
First Review:

Beeman Blue Ribbon 66R 2x7x32 These scopes were made by Hakko in Japan and had a lifetime warranty until Hakko went bankrupt and ran out of parts.
They will take heavy recoil. They are very clear and bright for their size. Their resolution is so good you can often see better with them than other higher powered scopes. I think their adjustments are 1/8" but I am not sure. I would rate them as excellent. Mine is mounted on a HW55.

Beeman Blue Ribbon 66RL same as above but with a lighted reticule that is lit with ambient light filtered through changeable colored filters. Even in pretty low light it gathers enough ambient light to light the reticule and makes the crosshairs easier to see. I would rate it as excellent. Mine is mounted on a FWB 124D.

David Enoch

Second Review:

Beeman 66R 2x7x32 ---  I have had one of these scopes on an R10 .20 cal. since 1989 and I love it. The optics are excellent ,very clear and bright with no blurring around the edge of the field of view and it will focus as close as 10 feet . I have put around 20,000 shots through this setup and the scope rarely ever needs re-zeroing. The repeatability of the adjustments is right on when shooting a square . The Beeman catalog lists the speed dial adjustment clicks at 1/2". While this may seem a bit wide compared to the 1/8" or 1/4" on most other scopes I have not noticed a difference at all. I had another one of these scopes on another R10 for about 10 years and was equally happy with that one also.( I stupidly sold that set-up to buy an R1 with a Trophy 4x12x40, my biggest airgun mistake ever, I can assure you that I will never sell my other one.) In my opinion if you are looking for a high quality scope that can handle the recoil for years I would not hesitate to spend $200-250 on a used one.    

Rick Pryor