Daisy Powerline 856 Review

I bought one of these Powerline 856's just to have some fun plinking with. At $40.00, I could have had a much nicer rifle like the KL-B3 or even a Cummings rifle. What I do like about it though is that it's so light and accurate. This thing must way only around 2lbs. Mine didn't come with a scope, but I bought a BSA 4X15 scope for it.

The rifle is complete plastic except for the barrel and some of the internals. It's a multi-pump. 10 pumps gives you 650fps. It has tru-glow sights on it on the front, but not on the rear. It is also a very short rifle. Loading is a bit difficult, especially with a scope on it. You have to get the pellet on your thumb and roll it into the chamber.

I can hold groups closer with this 856 than I can with my Fast Deer. Especially if I'm shooting with no other support than my arms. That is because of it's light weight.

It does come with a safety near the trigger, just like on most .22 rimfire rifles. It's a push button with bright red ring to let you know if the safety is on or off. The dove tail for the scope is also made of plastic, but is amazingly centered to the barrel with little adjustment needed to get it on target.

The worst thing about this rifle is having to pump it 10 times to achieve the full velocity. After a while, this becomes a huge chore. It's more of a work out at the gym. Also, there is no bluing on this rifle. The barrel is painted black. This could be good depending on how you look at it. The paint will hold up against rusting longer than bluing as long as it's not scratched.

The Powerline 856 has a rifled barrel to enhance accuracy. It is not a BB gun and cannot shoot round BB's at all. The rear sight can be adjusted for elevation but it's not real accurate. For left to right, you have to loosen a screw and take a good guess. A scope is much preferred on this little rifle.

If you want something to play around with and not worry about upkeep, then you might consider getting one of these. Don't expect to do any kind of hunting with it as it probably won't kill any small game and end up just wounding an animal. It does make a good plinking rifle and would be great for kids. If buying it for a child, they can do well to just pump it 3 or 4 times for some fun shooting.

Reviewed by Robert Fischer