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The Judges have voted and the results are final.

For U.S.A Division
Best Looking Stock - Randal Brady w/Honorable Mention to Craig Phillips
Most Accurate - Craig Phillips w/Honorable Mention to John Colon
Highest Muzzle Velocity- Craig Phillips w/Honorable Mention to Scott Laughlin
Most Tuned - Craig Phillips w/Honorable Mention to John Colon
Most Creative Mod...- Craig Phillips w/Honorable Mention to Scott Laughlin

For the International Division, there was only 1 entry from Mark Hoddenbach. So Mark will receive certificates in all areas of the competition in the International Division.

From the Kermit Airgun Club & Archer Airguns, we appreciate all those who entered. All the entries were outstanding and the judging was difficult in several areas.

I will be contacting the winners a bit later. The winners of the U.S. Division, will receive certificates and a gift certificate from Archer Airguns.
The winners of the International Division will receive a certificate.

Thanks to all of you!


The Kermit Texas Airgun Club & Archer Airguns
 is sponsoring a QB78 Contest using any QB78-family air rifle: QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A, AR2079A.

Each U.S. winner will receive a beautiful certificate and a $50.00 gift voucher to spend at Archer Airguns. Each International winner will receive a beautiful certificate.
Categories are:

  • Best looking stock
  • Most accurate
  • Highest muzzle velocity
  • Most tuned
  • Most creative modification or innovation

There is an International Division & a U.S. Division for each Category.


  1. You can use any QB78 family air rifle you currently have, or start a new project.
  2. You MUST send in your full name and address with your entry.
  3. Send in as much information as possible with your entry so the judges can make a good determination.
  4. You can submit more than one project.
  5. All the work has to be that of the contestant. No guns from, or containing any work by any recognized commercial airgun tuner.
  6. You can bench rest if you like for the accuracy. (no Photoshop editing the target)
  7. Chrony strings are "On Your Honor" system. Email 10 shots with the average.
  8. There will be Honorable Mentions.
  9. Be creative! Have fun! Be safe!

The deadline to submit your entry is June 15th 2007. You can email your entries here - "QB78 Entry".

Remember, this is totally for fun. Since you can pick one of these air rifles up for around $100.00 and they are very easy to work on, this should be a lot of fun! Please email me if you have any questions. Entries will be posted when they are received! Good luck & have FUN...


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