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HTML Guides

Making Field Targets Roberts Clay Pigeon Shooting Gallery
Roberts Homemade Spring Compressor Rebuilding a Cummings Tool Sale B3-2
Air Rifle Display Rack Email Jon for Crosman Diagrams. He has many.
Russ Sauer B-3 Tuning Guide        Winchester/Daisy Trigger Tune Guide.ZIP  

PDF Guides

Taking apart the Beeman SS1000 by Eric Knuth  

Microsoft Word Guides

Caring  for your B-21 Barrel Muzzle Crown Procedure
Pellet Testing in Spring Airguns Moly 60 Paste
Caring for your B-19 B19 Super-Tune
Caring for your B-20 Caring for your B-4 and KL-B3
Safety mod for Underlevers and Sidecockers B-4-2 Scope rails
Charlies Barrel Tool Scope Shim Guide
Co2  bulk filling  All about lubricants
Custom Trigger Shoe Seal Alternatives
Seal Fabrication Fast Dear Tune up
Fast Deer notes Fast deer trigger mod
Fast Deer trigger stop Spring Compressor (Simple)
Installing scope on B4-2 B-4-2 Tune-up
B3 B-4-2  Replacement Spring Pellet Sizing

Microsoft Excel Guides

Scope Correction