Serial Number Database & Issues Owners Serial Numbers & Issues if any
B40 Diagram & Parts List PDF Parts list and diagram
B40 Strip down Instructions (a TX200, but same for the B40) How to stip down the B40
B40 Spring, Guide, and Tophat Dimensions Spring, Guide, & Tophat measurements # of coils
Air Rifle Demo Showing Cocking Cycle of B40 Interactive demo of cocking cycle
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Mike Landreth Review on the B40 Review posted on old Pelletrap website
My take on the B40 .177 B40 Review
Xisico's B40 Info Page The culprits responsible for importing the B40
B40 Sloppy Barrel Issues with barrel slop in the action
B40 shroud and barrel removal Issues with shroud removal
Getting a 2 stage trigger with the B40 Adjusting the trigger for a 2 stage
Got my B40 in. Tore it down, here is what it looks like Initial impression of the B40
B40 shroud Issues with shroud removal
B40 First pictures what yall think of the wood??? Is that Beech??? First impressions of his B40
B40 Spring/Tune kit questions Questions on B40 tune kits
What to use to clean and lube a new Chinese Springer?? How to clean and lube a B40
Decided on the what is the performance Performance questions on the B40
B40 Trigger Adjustment Adjusting the B40 trigger
B40 trigger Adjusting the B40 trigger
B40 and Parts for Tuning....Questions Where to get lubes
BAM B40 - Sound suppressor B40 sound levels
B40 trigger dumb mistake Ooops. Don't locktite over the screw heads
B-40 Problems Trigger will not engage
Question concerning the B40???? Will not cock
B40 Making a breech seal Making a new breech seal for the B40
XS-B40 is a TX200 clone? B40 review on quality
B40 JM "ULTRA -XL" SPRING Spring results (custom guides)
Can you tell that I like the B40? This guy has 2 :)
B40 tune help About the crown on the B40
Are most B40's breaking springs ?? Breaking springs on the B40's
Where to buy replacement Main Springs for B40??? Where to get a replacement spring (stock)
New B40 Spring Guide Custom guide results
B-40 hold sensitive? Hold sensitivity question
looking for the od size on the shroud of the B-40 Outside diameter of B40 shroud
B40 shot groups (pics) Groups sizes for his B40
More B40 Pics Re-finished B40 stock
B40 accuracy Accuracy problems
B40 Spring Where to get a new spring
for those with tx200 stocks on your b40's Using a TX200 stock for the B40
B40 Problems Won't cock: Bent safety button, stock screws, etc.
Will a JM brass trigger guard fit a B40? Using a TX200 Brass guard on the B40
Bam B40 Main Spring Question More spring questions
Request for a B40 part Getting a new piston seal
Found the B40 sweet spot Great results after lubing
B40 problems solved O-Ring issues on Compression tube cap
B-40 Accuracy test vs. R9 Initial accuracy results and comparisons
Drastic B40 velocity drop...Help Problems with velocity drop after disassembly
How to clean the barrel on a B40 What to use to clean the barrel
HELP!!! B-40 Bore/Shroud problem Cleaning patches stuck in barrel
B-40 Tune Question @ Spring Removal Do you need a spring compressor on the B40
What is the safest and best place to buy BAM XS-40 Where to get a B40
B-40 walnut/cathay mystery wood Comparo (pics) B40 wood comparison
B40 with a Weirach barrel Installed a Weihrauch Barrel on a B40
Spring guide for a B40 Custom spring guide on the B40
Anybody else got a B40 without a barrel shroud? Doesn't look like a shroud, but it is
will new style TX stock fit my B40 Tx200 stock question. Will the B40 action fit?
B40 stock finish advice needed Stock finishing advice
Walnut B-40 Is the B40 Walnut stock really Walnut?
what are some of your favorite B-40 pellets Pellet discussion
Would Appreciate Any Feedback on BAM XS- B-40 .177 Owner feedback on their B40
Had a buddy's B40 barrel just come loose on him. What glue did ya'll use? B40 barrel coming loose
B40 Stock Version Does the B40 need modifying?
B40 Brass Spring Guide 1000 shots and pillars Custom guide and pillars
B40 tophat weight with JM R6 spring - update Piston weight-tophat weight experiments
B40 spring guide - pics Custom guide & Replacement R6 spring for B40
B40_ten_shot_Exact452_30_yards Chris's target groups shooting his B40
B40 stripdown tips Using a 17mm socket to take the barrel out
B-40 questions! Accuracy issues
Will JM's Survival Kit work on the B40? I'll save you some time..No.
Gotta brag on this one! 33 shot group I just did with my B40 Nice tight groups with his B40
B40 Tune & some "extreme" mod's Trying different springs in the B40
Need help with B-40 Had to change pellets to get accuracy restored
B-40 POI problems? Hold sensitivity
Real world... 50 yard... B40 groups Groups at 50 yards bench rested
B-40 problem Cocking problems
Has anyone got a B 40 trigger right? Trying to get a second stage on his trigger
B40 - releaving loading port? What to use for relieving the loading port
Now that I've decided that I "really like" my B40 1/16" gap at end of shroud
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B-40 suitable for lefties? Will the B40 work for left hand shooters?
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Shooter with B40 takes 2nd place in Field Target match Anthony Storey (from Indiana) scored a high 2ND place
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