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Please email me your address so I can send your certificates out please. ALL
entries will receive a certificate! So EVERYONE must send me their address.

Note: Everyone did a great job! Do not feel bad if you did not win in a main category. You ALL put in great effort
and your B3-2's, B4-2's, and TF34's look awesome. It was tough to make decisions in this contest. There
were a few entries that could have won the same category easily, and it was close!

The Camo'd guns were so nice, but different, that I added a category at the last minute. I did not want them
left out just because they were different, plus you guys did a great job on them. 

BEST IN SHOW went to the person who kept their gun basic to a B3-2, yet the appearance
and detail were remarkable!


Here's my entry. I call it the Dragonfly.

39.5 inches long
8 pounds with 4x bugbuster and BSA Laser
8.5 inch barrel with 13 3/8 shroud
20 shots over chrony yields average of 548.3 fps using Remington 7.9 gr pellet

I'd like to enter it in the best looking stock, most unusual stock, weirdest stock mod (or maybe that should be weirdest stock modder....) best of show, best overall. There part of the original stock under the laminations.

I can post how I made the thing if anyone is interested. Tunes? trigger work, smoothed and polished usual places, tarred the spring. Barrel was re-crowned.

I couldn't get it to group smaller than 1.33 at 20 yards, but then that day I couldn't get anything to group either. its me. this gun has potential, but some one else with have to do the accuracy testing. Apparently I sucked that day at the range.

ENTRY: Best Looking Stock, Most Unusual Stock, Weirdest Stock Mod, Best of Show, Best Overall.

Dan House

1st - Most Unusual Stock    1st - Craziest Mod that Worked
     Honorable Mention - Best Looking Stock


This is my 15 yr old son's Cummins B3-F. He's a fan of old time straight grip muzzle loaders and lever-action rifles. We removed the pistol grip and altered the shape of the cheek rest to something similar to a Hawken rifle, though we didn't lower the comb. The forearm has also been rounded over at the top edges to smooth the transition into the action.

Brass action screws in the forearm and a brass trigger guard to make it "purty." The under-lever clip has been replaced with a leather strap for more old timey looks Actually the original clip broke). He had wanted to finish the stock off with a nice old reddish walnut color like our Henry rifle, but once he got the original finish off we found the stock was too full of filler to stain up nice. So it's painted with a custom "walnut-colored" spray can paint job.

No internal work has been done, but the barrel and rear sight have been tweaked to get it to shoot straight. My son also gave the sight more of a "V" notch trying to give it an Express sight look. He can hit a four inch metal plate at 60 yds 3 out of 5 times
using cheap Daisy pointed pellets. That's standing up on his own two legs, not using any rest. With some more practice I think he'll make it 5 out of 5. Better pellets may help too.

Andy Leininger

Honorable Mention - Best Looking Stock   Honorable Mention - Most Accurate

This B3-2 has slabs of walnut glued over the original stock inletting, an adjustable cheek piece and rosewood buttpad, aluminum cocking handle turned on my Chinese lathe:>) , homemade aluminum trigger guard, Beeman trigger shoe, and an R1 barrel installed by Paul Watts. Once the gun was disassembled, trigger parts were polished, the compression tube was honed, the mainspring ends were polished . Quality lubes were put in the right places and amounts. Velocity averages 653 fps using JSB Lites, and it can easily hold 1'' groups at 30 yds. This gun has killed numerous squirrels and countless green army men and pill bottles.

Ron Juneau

1st - Best Looking Stock  1st - Best In Class 
1st - Most Accurate  1st - High Velocity .177 B3-2

This one received a lube tune and was shooting 7.9 grain pellets at 605 fps with 5fps variation shot to shot average. It does one hole groups at 10yds in his hands.

Paul Morton

Honorable Mention - Most Accurate

Paul Morton

Great Job!  Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

Paul Morton

Great Job!     Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

This gun is a Tech Force 34. Basic tuning done: trigger polished, overall degreasing and all parts re-lubed, honing and polishing where necessary. Barrel re-crowned.  Externally: stock stripped, stained and spray lacquered. Butt plate sanded and polished to fit exactly. Muzzle Break (very carefully) home made from steel pipe. Guess I would enter it in "best looking stock" and "best of show".

ENTRY: Best Stock & Best of Show/Class

John Giglio

1st - Best In Show    Honorable Mention - Most Tuned

John Colon

Great Job!    Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

Joe Cantrell

Honorable Mention - Best Camo B3-2

It features the standard B4 tune with a stroke increase facilitated by cutting and re-welding the piston. It also has a 13 inch barrel and enlarged loading port. Velocity was approx. 620 fps at the time of the tune using 14.3 grain pellets. It is now owned by another forum member.

Russ Sauer

1st - Best Camo B4-2  1st - Highest Velocity .22 B4-2

Julius Derico

Great Job!    Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

Andy Leininger

Great Job!    Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner


Great Job!     Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

Phil Schmidt

1st - Weirdest Stock Modification

I redid the stock, it was a very poor finish, polished the trigger mechanism now is crisp and smooth. I changed the synthetic piston for custom leather seal, because with that pressure, I get the heat up. Leather is better, I bought a spring from Maccari. The original was .115 mm, I put .128 mm more power. I made a muzzle break with oil in it for cutting the back turbulence of the pellet leaving. It helped, went to 750 FPS + made a big difference. Fixed the sight rail and made myself a scope see-true dovetail mount and the scope is a Tasco from CT. Is the B4-2

Berny Vallieres

1st - Highest Velocity .177 B-42

This particular rifle is in .22, has a cut barrel and has been stroked and fully tuned. This one hits over 600 fps with CP's and can put 10 shots into a quarter sized circle at 20 yards. B4-2 EC

Todd Walsh

1st - Most Tuned     Honorable Mention - Most Accurate

B3-2 with trigger mods, custom painted stock, and muzzle break.

Here are my chrony numbers
616 fps avg
Using daisy pointed precision max .177

ENTRY: High Velocity & Best of Show/Class

Eric Schneff

Honorable Mention - Best In Show    Honorable Mention - High Velocity .177 B3-2

Here is the RatKiller 5000 in .22 caliber. Lightened and narrowed the stock on table saw and sander (notice the lack of grooves and a more European shape). Better curves and redid the pistol grips area so it is narrower and the trigger is in a more natural position. Sealed and covered with two coats of bed liner as the wood was not nice enough to stain. Mounted a BSA 4x32 with Flashlight and Laser for evening assaults. Cleaned and worked the internals a bit to get out the roughness. Shoots 400+ w/ Premiers. Target results to come soon.

My .22 RatKiller


Jeff Jones

Great Job!   Excellent Workmanship Certificate Winner

Between Russ Sauer who shipped me a trigger blade, no charge and his B3 tune download Thanks again Russ and fellow members .I was on my way into the breach so to speak. Teardown was simple and everything was laid out in the order it came out. All was carefully cleaned and deburred, and polished. Chamber deburred and sanded to specs., conditioned leather piston seal and de-twanged spring guide. Smoothed and polished new spring and put some secret sauce on it and assembled. The stock was sanded and camo painted using my own camo design templates, it's a side hobby that I do for the local hunters a little extra $$. Put a 3x9x32 Powerline scope on, laser site and fabricated a mount for the lamp, love to night hunt. The ol B3 's back in action.

Ed Ehrisman
1st - Best Camo B3-2    Honorable Mention - Most Tuned