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Ok, here's the deal. The Kermit Texas Airgun Club is sponsoring a B3-2 contest. Using any variations of the B3-2 pictured above, we will award certificates for the following:

See Current B3-2 Entries

  • Best looking stock
  • Most unusual stock
  • Weirdest stock modifications
  • Best of Show (overall looks)
  • Best in Class (overall looks, tune, and customizations)
  • Most accurate
  • Highest average velocity
  • Most tuned
  • Craziest mod that actually worked :)
  • Most creative use for a dead B-3 or parts thereof

This contest does NOT include the AK look alike B3 air rifle. Only the B3-2, B3-F, B4-2 and others that look like the photo above. The B4-2 will be awarded separately on the velocity.


  1. You can use any B3-2/B4-2 you currently have, or start a new project.
  2. You can submit more than one project.
  3. Targets can be mailed in or email a scan. Targets will be shot at 20yards or 60feet. Here is the target to use. If mailing the target in, send to Robert Fischer 749 S. Ave. A    Kermit, TX 79745
  4. You can bench rest if you like. (no Photoshop editing the target)
  5. Chrony strings are "On Your Honor" system. Send in a string of 10 shots with the average.
  6. You have to use the stock that comes with the B3, but you can overlay wood/bondo/filler onto it.
  7. You don't have to enter all categories. Just the ones you want to (ie: Most Unusual Stock or Most Tuned)
  8. There will be Honorable Mentions
  9. Be creative! Have fun! Be safe!

The deadline to submit your B3-2 photos, targets, etc. is March 15th 2007. You can email your entries here - "B3-2 Entry".

Remember, this is totally for fun. Since you can pick one of these air rifles up for around $20.00 and they are very easy to work on, this should be a lot of fun! Please email me if you have any questions. Below are some links to good info on working with the B3-2 and also where to purchase one. Entries will be posted on this page below when they are received! Good luck & have FUN...

  1. Russ Sauer B3-2 tuning guide
  2. Rebuilding a B3-2
  3. Make a cheap spring compressor for the B3-2
  4. B-4-2 Scope rails
  5. B-4-2 Tune-up
  6. B3 B-4-2  Replacement Spring
  7. B3 Owner's guide by R. Sauer
  8. B3 Muzzle Brake by V. Palitang
  10. B3/B4 leather to synthetic piston seal adapter