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HOME Making A Homemade Spring Compressor

I had a good piece of 2X6 to start out with. I cut it and squared the ends and checked it for twist. Looks good.

Put a 4X4 on the end for a barrel stop and screwed it on from the bottom with 3" decking screws.

2 - 2X4's placed for the barrel to lay on.

Taking advice from Eddie, I used a 4" C clamp, cut down and drilled two holes in it to screw it in place with lag bolts.

Here I put 4 blocks on both sides of the barrel and screwed it in place to give it some support. There is room for wedges to tighten it for different barrel widths.

Here is the U bolt I'm using and the two 4" lag screws to screw the C clamp down with.
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