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HOME Rebuilding A Cummings B3-2

Here's what I started out with. Your typical B3-2 from a Cummings Tool Sale. Crappy orange color, lot's of runs in the finish, and a rough piece of wood for a stock. The typical spring and firing mechanisms are usually not very smooth at all. So I will be putting in a brand new replacement spring, breach seal, piston seal, and smoothing out all the mechanisms including the trigger.

Here is the barrel assembly taken out. All you do is remove the 2 screws up front and 1 screw on the trigger guard and it pops right out. To keep pins from falling out, I wiped it down and placed scotch tape over Area 1. I'll deal with this area later after the stock is refinished. Since I have never rebuilt an air rifle, I'll probably end up making a homemade spring compressor and do a lot of learning as I go. That's why I chose a $20.00 gun to work with my first time.

Getting it sanded down. I used a dremel tool on some of the rough inside areas in the front on Area 2. And also inside the trigger area to get it smoothed out good.

As you can see, it's getting down to the wood a bit now. And the wood doesn't look bad. I haven't found any filler yet. I might leave the stock natural with a few coats of varnish.

Here is the rebuild kit from South Summit. Kit QF-2 for Industry Brand B3 air rifles. If your wondering why I'm not getting a spring from Mac1 or someone else, It's because I'm not looking to increase performance. I want to end up with a much nicer looking gun, and one that shoots, cocks, and fires much smoother.

You can see the contents here. New spring (better I'm told), 2 breach seals, 1 piston seal, 1 keeper, 1 sear spring, and a cleaning kit. I won't bother with the cheap oil, but plan on using Moly Paste where applicable and smoothing out the trigger assembly and the new "keeper" with my dremel.